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Lavender Lucite Flower Barrette
Lavender Lucite Flower Barrette

This lovely barrette features of a trio of lavender lucite blooms with each petal being sprinkled with matching lavender rhinestones like dew drops. Some of the petals even have a rhinestone border! The centers of each bloom feature matching lavender rivoli rhinestones. A perfect barrette to beat the heat of summer and flowers that will never wilt!
Dimensions: 4"
HA054 Price: $32.00

Large Pink Rhinestone
Large Pink Rhinestone "Greek Key" Barrette

This barrette is a much larger size than most others featured. It features pink and pink AB rhinestone arranged in a greek key pattern. The clean lines of the greek key showcase the wonderful sparkle of the rhinestones. A pretty and classic piece great for those with very long and thick hair who need something larger.
Dimensions: 4 1/2" long(both clip and barrette section)
HA056 Price: $21.00

Teal Sunburst Barrette
Teal Sunburst Barrette

The design on this barrette is so distinctive. It is a bold sunburst of teal and lighter aqua rhinestones. The "rays" with deep teal rhinestones have been punched with a flower motif making a very interesting look. Overlying the larger "rays" are the smaller aqua ones with a big bold teal and blue sunburst center! A very stunning barrette great for wearing around the pool(but please not in the water, rhinestones are much happier when dry) or for clipping back wet hair for a party after a long day at the beach.
Dimensions: just over 4"
HA057 Price: $30.00

Pretty in Purple and Pink Long Rhinestone Barrette
Pretty in Purple and Pink Long Rhinestone Barrette

This barrette is the same size and design as HA058, but it is done in the lovely color combo of lilac purple and pink rhinestones. The pink stones form the border with the purple and pink "diamonds" of rhinestones alternating with the same lovely silver filigree peeking through. This is a longer length barrette great for long and/or full hair!
Dimensions: 4"(both clip and barrette mechanism are the same length)
HA059 Price: $21.00

Ice Cube(clear cube) Scrunchie
Ice Cube(clear cube) Scrunchie

Looking to cool down? Try this wonderful clear cube scrunchie. I swear it looks like ice cubes, except these won't melt on you. It just will nice. Clear is perfect for anyone as you can't find anything that won't match with it!
A great scrunchie to reach for when you need to get your hair up in a hurry. This item is brand new and in excellent condition
HA064 Price: $7.00

Pinks Rhinestone Ponytail holder
Pink Rhinestone Ponytail Holder

This lovely ponytail holder features pale pink and deeper pink AB rhinestones. They arranged in square with melange of pink rhinestone front and center bordered by alternating pink AB and pale pink rhinestones. This item is brand new, never worn, and shows no plating loss, stones loss or any other damage.
HA066 Price: $15.00

Clear Rhinestone Pave Flower Ponytail Holder
Clear Rhinestone Pave Flower Ponytail Holder

This ponytail holder features a pretty pave flower with clear rhinestones and 5 clear AB stones scattered throughout. It has tremendous sparkle! The design is simple, but the effect is dazzling. Perfect for jeans or a night on the town.
HA077 Price: $14.00

Red AB Scruchie
Red AB Scruchie

This scruchie features red faceted(plastic) beads with an AB coating. They red is a nice red, with a bit of pink/orange to it, so it is not a true cherry red. It's very pretty and the AB coating really adds a nice shine!
HA078 Price: $7.50

Red Rhinestone Bow Ponytail Holder
Red Rhinestone "Bow" Ponytail Holder

This ponytail holder features a bow like design full of red rhinestones. The rhinestones are set into an unusual antiqued copper metal plate. Unusual, yet effective. This piece is brand new and in excellent unworn condition. The stones have a nice sparkle and fire to them!
HA080 Price: $11.00

Lilac Rivoli and AB Rhinestone Barrette
Lilac Rivoli and AB Rhinestone Barrette

This smashing barrette combines two of my personal favorites, purple and rivolis! Scattered across the barrette are purple(more like lilac color) rivoli rhinestones, and clear AB rhinestones. Tucked amongst the large focal stones are tiny AB stones, and matching tiny lilac navette stones. The grey metal they are set in really brings out the stones. A nice classically shaped barrette! This barrette is brand new and in excellent, unworn condition.
HA084 Price: $30.00

Green Enamel and Rhinestone Barrette
Green Enamel and Rhinestone Barrette

This lovely barrette features peridot green enameled leaves accented with shimmering peridot AB rhinestone garland that is spread across the design. The color is very vibrant and beautiful! This barrette is brand new, in perfect condition.
Dimensions: 4" long and 1 1/2" wide
HA090 Price: $14.00

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